Children & Young People

childsdrawing2I offer counselling to young people and play therapy to younger children. This work involves building up a trusting relationship between myself and the child/young person to enable them to talk and express themselves about experiences that may be troubling or confusing for them.

In these sessions the child/young person sets the pace and makes the choices to explore their inner worlds mainly through talking, games, art work, sand play, movement, dreams and play therapy.  In this collaboration between myself and the child I bring more awareness to their strengths and vulnerabilities. They are able to express themselves and feel supported in making sense of their own perceptions and experiences to gain such skills in equipping them more readily with life’s challenges.

Children and young people need to feel free to talk about family experiences and so it is important for the carer/parent to approve of the young person talking to a therapist. Likewise the young person needs to feel freely about attending sessions.

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries and to arrange an initial meeting.

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