Event: Worldwork 2017 in Greece


The Worldwork seminar is an experiential training seminar in conflict work, diversity awareness, facilitation and community building facilitated by an international team of process-oriented facilitators.

Issues around racial tensions, national identity, economic inequality and environmental disasters are dominant in the news around the world. The Brexit vote shook Europe during the past summer, along with the  rise in xenophobia and Islamophobia, wars around the world are creating millions of displaced people and the refugee crisis seems to be escalating with thousands drowning in the Mediterranean sea trying to reach safety.

With tensions escalating worldwide, we invite you to come together in Greece, to connect across and through our differences. Our aspiration is to create the world that we want to live in, starting with our interactions in the moment with each other. Our dream is to inspire one another to work together, across the divides, for new solutions to the problems we face as humanity.