Event: Worldwork seminar


I am attending a world work seminar, led by Jan Dworkin which will focus on our relationships this November at Findhorn.

Our relationships take place in a context – the world. The patterns and hierarchical structures of the social work impact our personal psychology, our conditioning and our way of relating. We become hopeless when we think that our most extreme relationship disturbances are due to our personal issues only.

Some of the issues we will explore include:

  • The impact of social rank in relationship: gender, class, health, age, education, sexual orientation and more
  • The impact of personal power in relationship: self-esteem, self-love, divine connection
  • How to navigate the guilt and shame connected with privilege/lack of privilege
  • How/if we can differentiate inner from outer
  • Tools for righteousness and revenge

The seminar will be held at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland from 7 to 9 November 2014.

Income related pricing: £260/£310/£360

To find out more or register please contact Rona Ribeiro at rona_terra@hotmail.com or call +44 787 657 3267

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