Mental Health Issues

rocks2I have worked in mental health sector in special schools for children and with adults with different mental health issues.  I need not know the label of a condition, and indeed have worked with people who do not wish to use labels. Yet suffering from mental health is a huge issue, which we can all experience sometime in our lives and like any kind of physical or mental health issue, there are many ways to feel supported and facilitate our healing processes or how we live fruitfully our difficulties.

I have seen and appreciated many wonderful creative projects and developing skills coming through challenging and difficult processes. Past abuse, neglect, trauma, world issues and difficult relationships are often in the background of mental health issues, which can reappear as troublesome in a person’s life at a time when they are more able to address these issues.

How to unfold these disturbances.

In our everyday life sort of mind set, we put aside such signals as disturbances or irritations, so they are marginalized, put on the sidelines and become unconscious. It takes patience, curiosity, compassion and sometimes an act of courage to explore the deeper nature of our realities. Process Work makes an art and science out of following ‘human nature’ by amplifying the signals we express unintentionally without interpretation to allow them to evolve in their own way.

So very often we don’t feel seen or heard until someone takes the time to find out what it is; this is the deeper dreaming. This deeper dreaming can be a source of inspiration, of healing and strength that we need to grow.

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