tree_pWhy come to therapy?

People come to therapy for many reasons – to seek a sense of purpose in life and a longing to fulfil our potential. But it is often a crisis or long term, aggravating problems which bring us to the therapist’s door.

People often tell me that talking with a therapist helps to articulate issues that build up inside us and through understanding and exploring of the problems, we grow more aware, change can occur and solutions and can be found.

The process of transformation can be magical journey, building on trust, intuition and exploring background processes, we can work through even the most impossible issues.

These are some of the conditions I work with regularly: depression, anxiety, stress, challenges of the work place, relationship issues and family life, body symptoms, pain management, creative blocks, altered states of consciousness, addictions, abuse, gender ambivalence, sexuality, self esteem, anger management, self hatred, trauma, bereavement, separation or loss, life path and more …

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